An American 'Accent '

Designed and built for the Americas

What does it mean to be an American yachtsman? It's a unique DNA. Anyone who's cruised the Mediterranean can attest to the differences between European and American yachting—from physical components such as climate and the need for substantial air conditioning systems, the way we drive (up top) and how we moor (side-to); to societal traditions, from entertaining etiquette to our relationship with crew. Considerations such as these and myriad others play a critical role in the design process when crafting the ultimate luxury vessel that is truly "made-to-measure" for an American yachtsman. Yet it remains a role so many builders neglect to address.

When you build your yacht with Sanlorenzo Americas, you're working with an American company—with American values. From inception, every one of our yachts is designed to tick all the boxes for yachting in the Americas, as opposed to a European vessel that has been adapted for this market. Where our competitors simply implement a U.S. conversion of European power, your Sanlorenzo yacht arrives with the proper American standard 60Hz power system. (Should you desire to cruise worldwide, we recommend a state-of-the-art frequency converter.) In addition, unless a superior product originates elsewhere, all onboard equipment and appliances are available in North America—even the Italian brands—so they can be serviced locally. Your Sanlorenzo yacht will never be out of commission waiting for parts to be shipped from somewhere across the globe.

At Sanlorenzo Americas, we continuously evolve our Americas package to deliver to the American market cutting-edge products and technologies that abide by local regulations. A few examples standard on vessels contracted through Sanlorenzo Americas:

  • Dual-chiller air conditioning meant to be run 24/7, with full redundancy, excellent serviceability and top-line functionality
  • Two generators, each of which are capable of powering all onboard systems
  • Backups for all vital systems, so your yacht is guaranteed to be livable—you'll never miss a vacation
  • Design and construction to RINA classification, a higher level of standards than U.S. requirements
  • Highest-grade sound and thermal insulation emits the lowest noise possible underway
  • Carefully considered noise attenuation throughout all systems for quiet at the dock


Working together to be cutting edge

Spanning more than 50 collective years of luxury yachtbuilding experience, our concierge team of experts at Sanlorenzo Americas serves each client from the conceptualization of their dream yacht through delivery, and beyond. Inspired through communal expertise, together we are constantly innovating, challenging one another to achieve the ultimate goal: to build a better boat.

The team

It takes the best to build the best, and our team at Sanlorenzo Americas is second to none. Meet your build team:

Marty Lowe | Yachting is a celebration of the sea and no one understands this better than classically trained designer Marty Lowe, who describes herself as obsessive about light and fresh air and recognizes that on the sea, less is always more. She is ready to help bring your vision to creative fruition.

Fabrizio Loi | Bridging the cultural divide between the Americas and Italy, Italian-born project engineer Fabrizio Loi, of Inter Yachting LLC, brings 22 years of boatbuilding experience in America, and a priceless insider's familiarity with the Sanlorenzo yard.

This is a boutique business.

Through relentless research and development, Sanlorenzo offers yacht connoisseurs an impressive product line of custom‐built fiberglass yachts from 78 feet (24 meters) to 126 feet (38 meters) and steel and aluminum superyachts from 131 feet (40 meters) to 210 feet (64 meters) in length. Building only a limited number of these made‐to‐measure yachts each year, however, Sanlorenzo Americas stands true to form as a boutique firm in the yachtbuilding industry. As an independent partner of the Italian shipyard, we are not a dealer. Clients often become family as our team guides them through the design and build process with a personal, hands-on approach. As a client, we encourage you to be as involved or uninvolved as you wish. You are welcome to determine every detail or leave it all to the experts. Either way, rest assured you're in good hands through the entire journey.


Synchronicity with the sea

At Sanlorenzo Americas, we see yachting as the ultimate celebration of the sea. From enjoying a peaceful alfresco dinner at anchor with family and friends beneath a vivacious sunset to voyaging boldly into the great beyond, it's this unparalleled concept of escape—and experiencing the water like no other way—that makes yachting truly extraordinary.

Delivering on that premise, we believe great yacht design should be as uncluttered and timeless as the sea itself. A yacht must also provide an environment to nurture—a floating paradise offering only the highest quality materials, unrivaled craftsmanship, technical innovation, comfort and reliability for peace of mind.

For more than 50 years, Sanlorenzo has embraced this philosophy with made-to-measure yachts reflecting the singular style and desires of their owners. Widely recognized for timeless design and unmatched customization, every Sanlorenzo yacht, like a distinctive piece of artwork, tells its own story.

Let us tell yours.

Your vision

It's your boat. It should tell your story. When you design your yacht at Sanlorenzo Americas, you'll start with a clean slate. There are no boundaries; no constraints on materials, fabrics, woods, stones; no mandate to order from some a la carte menu designed 5,000 miles away by someone you've never met. The only limit is your own imagination.

Interior stylist Marty Lowe will take the time to get to know you, your personal style and how you like to use your boat. Our team then creates a design to mirror your individuality, supplying detailed drawings for your input, paying the same level of attention to a 78-footer as if it was a 150-footer. Quite simply, no other builder goes to this length to ensure your story reads the right way on the water.

Livable Luxury

What is the essence of luxury? Step aboard any Sanlorenzo yacht and you'll be quick to notice the matchless quality, craftsmanship and luxury amenities on deck: Artemide lighting, Boffi kitchens, Minotti and Flexform furniture, to name a few. In fact, some of the highest-end Italian brands create prototypes solely for the prestigious Sanlorenzo brand.

But this is barefoot luxury.

In our diversified, modern society, the true essence of luxury has evolved. With lifestyles, tastes and aspirations differing considerably across the globe, what appears to constitute "luxury" and its enjoyment has become immensely personal, with a perceptible shift from the accumulation of objects to the acquisition of experiences.

As even our most sophisticated clients seek to maximize their return on investment in terms of the time and resources they commit to their free time, the sport of yachting stands above all others because of its intrinsic nature of encompassing a spectrum of experiences that no other luxury vehicle can. It's an investment founded on a desire to connect with those closest to them, to escape the confines of everyday life and to be revitalized at sea.

Are you ready to escape?