Sanlorenzo Americas is the vision of George Jousma, an industry veteran of more than 35 years who recognized that Sanlorenzo builds simply the highest-quality fiberglass yachts to the highest level of personalization. But he also understood that the Americas are unique, and merging exquisite Italian craftsmanship with American values would produce a boat-buying experience unmatched in the luxury yachting world.

The Difference

Designed and built for the Americas

Boating is different here than in the Mediterranean, from the climate and the need for infallible air conditioning to our relationship with crew, the way we drive (up top) and even how we moor (side to). All of these considerations and myriad others go into making the ideal yacht for the Americas. At Sanlorenzo Americas we have an open book to do what's best for this market, and we're constantly evolving our Americas package to reflect the newest products and technologies and abide by the latest regulations.

Any yacht built for Sanlorenzo Americas is designed from inception to function best in the Americas. It is not a European yacht that has been adapted for this market. For example, it will be built for the American standard of 60Hz power, rather than converted European power like our competitors. And if you wish to cruise worldwide, we recommend a state-of-the-art frequency converter. In addition, unless a superior product originates elsewhere, all equipment and appliances on board come from North America (even the Italian brands) so they can be serviced locally, never out of commission waiting for parts to be shipped from Europe.

    What sets our yachts apart:
  • Dual-chiller air conditioning meant to be run 24/7, with full redundancy, excellent serviceability and top-of-the-line functionality
  • Standard on every boat are two generators that can each power all the yacht systems alone.
  • Back-ups of all vital systems so the yacht is guaranteed to be livable and you'll never miss a vacation
  • Design and construction to RINA classification, a higher level of standards than U.S. requirements
  • The best sound and thermal insulation for the quietest possible boats underway
  • Carefully considered noise attenuation throughout all systems for utter silence at the dock


Working together to be cutting edge

Sanlorenzo Americas' team of experts cares for each client from the onset of their dream to delivery and beyond. Together they are constantly innovating, inspired by each other's expertise to build a better boat.

The team

Every build includes the services of acclaimed interior designer Marty Lowe. From her headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, near the Miami Design District, she brings each client's unique vision to fruition.

Bridging the cultural divide between the Americas and Italy is Fabrizio Loi of Inter Yachting LLC, a project engineer that Sanlorenzo Americas recommends to represent their client's interests during the build. And, as a consultant on the technical package, he is also a trusted member of the team. Italian born, he has 22 years experience boat-building in America as well as an insider's knowledge of the Sanlorenzo yard.

Sanlorenzo Americas also involves third-party surveyors Patton Marine, whose stamp of approval gives each yacht extra pedigree and whose feedback and recommendations are carried forward to future builds.

This is a boutique business.

Our select clients become family as our team guides them through the design and build process. Clients can be as involved or uninvolved as they wish; they are welcome to decide every detail or leave it to the experts but either way they are in good hands for the entire journey. As an independent partner of the Italian shipyard, we are not a dealer. When you build a boat with Sanlorenzo Americas you are working with a U.S. company.


Sanlorenzo is synonymous with style

Eschewing passing trends, the exterior stylists at Sanlorenzo know that good design is uncluttered and timeless. The same goes for the interior. Yachting is a celebration of the sea and no one understands this better than classically trained designer Marty Lowe, who describes herself as obsessive about light and fresh air and recognizes that on the sea, less is always more.

Your vision

Each design tells a story — your story. Marty first takes the time to get to know you, your personal style and how you like to use your boat. Then she and the team create a layout and a look as individual as you are. They produce highly detailed drawings for your input and approval, paying the same level of attention to a 78-footer as to a 150-footer; no other builder goes to these lengths. And there are no restrictions to the materials you choose — no picking packages A, B or C. The only limit is your imagination.

Livable Luxury

Our clients are sophisticated. They appreciate quality and recognize the names we use on board: Artemide lighting, Boffi kitchens, Minotti and Flexform furniture. We have partnerships with the highest-end Italian companies, which create prototypes for the prestigious Sanlorenzo brand. But this is barefoot luxury. Marty's many years of experience tell her that a yacht has to be comfortable and easy to maintain. So while the brands are as refined as our clients, the best linens can be laundered on board and every piece of designer furniture has a slipcover.


Established in 1958 - in Viareggio, Italy. - the boutique Sanlorenzo yard built purely wooden vessels until 1985, when the first fiberglass yacht was launched, at a length of 57ft (17m).

Today Sanlorenzo holds the second position in the world ranking of shipyards, as featured in the official 2016 Global Order Book.

Through continuous research and development, Sanlorenzo offers the world's yacht connoisseurs: custom-built fiberglass yachts from 78ft (24m), through to Steel and Aluminum superyachts over 200ft (60m) in length.

The Italian yacht builder prides itself on ensuring complete client satisfaction by attaining the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in each and every yacht Sanlorenzo builds.

Sanlorenzo has three state-of-the-art sites building an unrivaled range of unique motoryachts, each demonstrating a truly timeless design.

The company headquarters are in Ameglia, La Spezia, which is also home to a fully compliant ISO14001 Environmentally Certified production facility for the fiberglass (GRP) constructed SL Range of motoryachts, which are 78ft (24m) to 118ft (36m) in length.

The Viareggio shipyard is home to the construction of two more lines: "Navettas," with semi-displacement hulls (the SD Range) between 92ft (28m) and 126ft (37m), and steel and aluminum Superyachts from 126ft (38m) to 200ft (60m). The largest Sanlorenzo yacht currently in construction - the 52m Steel - is built at a specialist shipyard located in nearby Massa. The 62m Steel is the new flagship Sanlorenzo Superyacht, which is nearing the final stages of design development.

Sanlorenzo Americas always encourages our clients to visit our renowned Italian shipyard and experience the unrivaled quality of tailored craftsmanship first-hand. This is a reassuring and enjoyable way to be involved at an early stage of your unique project.