Yachts International's Power Players

Posted Date: July 10, 2014     By: Sanlorenzo Americas

George Jousma has been a life-long boater, growing up in the midwestern United States. He graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a business degree.

Jousma, formerly president of Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group (ARB), has an extensive background in distributing Italian yachts into the Americas. Over his 15–year tenure at ARB, the company was one of the largest distributors of Azimut, Benetti and Ferretti products in the Americas.


How did you get your start in the yachting industry?
I grew up boating with my family in the Great Lakes on a range of boats with a variety of experiences. At Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group, my team and I were responsible for bringing several Italian brands successfully to the forefront of the U.S. market. I am now representing one of the finest yacht builders in the world at Sanlorenzo Americas. I have earned a reputation for successfully selling and marketing European-styled products to the Americas.

What is your basic philosophy on building luxury yachts?
Our philosophy is to build a unique product for our client base of experienced yachtsmen who know what they want in a yacht. Our goal is to be the highestlevel boutique retailer for the Americas market and to provide exceptional customer service. After years of experience with delivering Italian brands to the United States, I am now fortunate to be bringing these luxury yachts to the Americas.

What is unique about Sanlorenzo Americas?How do you differentiate your product from the rest of the market?
We specialize in building personalized made-to-measure yachts ranging from 72 feet to 200 feet. Each yacht is different and is customized accordingly to each owner’s request using the highest-quality materials. The same process and level of customization you might envision with building a 200-foot superyacht is achieved when building any size Sanlorenzo. We can deliver a level of interior personalization and quality unmatched by our mainstream competitors.

What’s the first word you hope comes to mind for our readers when someone mentions Sanlorenzo Americas?
Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for our love of the product and the customer’s love of the experience when building their Sanlorenzo. It is exciting to work with customers who have owned several yachts and now know what they want and require for their lifestyle on the water. Working with customers to create a unique yacht built to their taste and specifications creates a passion for what we offer.