O and H1 Finalists in the World Superyacht Awards

Posted Date: February 04, 2015     By: Sanlorenzo Americas

Now into its tenth year, the World Superyacht Awards honor the finest new superyacht builds delivered to their owners in the past twelve months.

In consultation with yacht builders and naval architects, they have established a number of yacht award categories so that yachts are judged against other vessels of a similar size and type.

Boat International Media will return to Amsterdam to host the tenth annual World Superyacht Awards gala evening on Saturday, May 9th 2015.

Sanlorenzo is pleased to say that SL118 "H1" as well as SD 112 "O" have made the list. 

Semi-displacement or Planing Motor Two Deck Motor Yacht – 30m to 37.99m:

Name: H1

Length: 36.5m

Naval Architect: Sanlorenzo

Exterior Styling: Francesco Paskowski

Interior Design: Margherita Casprini / Francesco Paszkowski


Semi-displacement or Planing Three Deck Motor Yacht – 30m to 44.99m:

Name: O

Length: 34.1m

Naval Architect: Sanlorenzo

Exterior Styling: Francesco Paskowski

Interior Design: Sanlorenzo/ Sordo

"I’m a designer, an architect, and I enjoy the planning and building process as much as using the boat. While this is my fourth and largest yacht, I have been fortunate to have a lot of boating experience. I used to charter a lot and have friends with boats. The vision for O was to create a very flexible environment where each area has several purposes. Sometimes boats have too many rooms and spaces that are underutilized. My philosophy was to create interesting spaces that can be flexible and could be used for different purposes – this also creates the feeling of a much larger boat.

I began looking for a yard that could accommodate someone like me. I’m not your regular customer who only wants to select colors and soft furnishings, I wanted to have more say in the design and layout. I admired the craftsmanship of the Sanlorenzo builds and I liked that Max (SL President Massimo Perotti) and I shared the same passion for finishes and the same vision for the completely different ambiences that you can create in a yacht. Over the next year and a half, Max and I became very good friends. He was willing to go the extra mile with me in the boat so that made my decision very clear."

Statement from Sordo
Owner of “O”, Sanlorenzo 112
Interviewed by Rebecca Cahilly