Marty A. Lowe, Interior Designer

Posted Date: June 19, 2014     By: Maggie Hinesley

Marty A. Lowe is Sanlorenzo Americas preferred interior designer for all of the Americas yachts. Her design team collaborates with our clients to visualize, cultivate and develop a space that reflects the client’s personal tastes and vision. Through extensive resources, talented craftsmen and a pulse on what’s new, Marty Lowe precisely tailors her work to fit the architectural and special circumstances of each project.

Last year, the team at Marty A. Lowe, Inc. Design were tasked with designing a yacht interior that would be world-class; the best of the best. The project was for the Alchemist TOO, a 122-foot Sanlorenzo motoryacht that was, up to that point, the largest custom motoryacht being created by Sanlorenzo for the Americas. Not only did Lowe deliver a design that exceeded the highest expectations of Alchemist TOO‘s owner, but it also garnered world-wide attention from the yachting and design
community. Alchemist TOO was a finalist in the 2014 ShowBoats Design Awards,
which was held February 24th in Austria.

How and why did you get into the design Industry? Where did you study?

I studied in Switzerland and graduated with a degree in Architectural Design with a fine arts background. I am also quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend several workshops at the Bauhaus museum in East Germany in 1976. After graduation from college, the Vice President of Engineering at Bertram told me about a job opening. I was one of the first women hired in the yacht design field. They were very progressive in their thinking and accommodating to women. After six years at Bertram, I formed my own company and branched out into other work but continued to consult for Bertram yacht for many more years.

How would you define your personal style?

Classic. Tailored yet casual.

What inspires you?

Nature and traveling. I am extremely attuned to nature: the quality of light, the colors, the proportions. I see the world in terms of texture, light, color and form. It all starts with beauty.  Beauty holds my world together; it fulfills a need in my soul; it helps me survive. Beauty is the inspiration for my life and for my work.  I try to find beauty everywhere.

Tell us a bit about some of your designs/projects and what you love about them.

I am very lucky and blessed to have a career that brings families together to make lasting memories. A lot of my clients purchase yachts to spend time with their families… their children and grandchildren. It feels good be a part of something that is making wonderful memories.

Describe yourself in three words.

My mantra is: See. Do. Experience.

Do you have a signature touch with your designs?

My goal is to design a yacht that will allow our clients to be "one with the sea". I strive for "livable luxury” A vacation on the water is casual, and I enjoy being a part of creating that experience for the client. I want them to love cruising and the water as much as I do so I try to keep that in my head when I am designing the yacht.

What Sanlorenzo is your favorite?

My favorite Sanlorenzo is the last one I finished. I put my heart and soul into each design. It is such a creative process and to see it completed is a wonderful feeling. - “a real feel good".  Sanlorenzo Americas is so unique. The entire team is always striving to perfect something and problem solve. It is bespoke. A lot of companies claim to build custom yachts, but Sanlorenzo truly customizes the client’s yacht. They really strive to make the clients wishes come true. 

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