Made-to-Measure Materials

Posted Date: July 24, 2015     By: Aubree Thomas

Sanlorenzo is known for giving owners a true “made-to- measure” experience when building a yacht.  From concept to material selection to styling, this approach upholds Sanlorenzo’s values of high quality and hand craftsmanship.When creating interior spaces, we use solid wood flooring, as opposed to veneers.  Stones and marbles are specially sealed to stand up to wear and tear.  

This month we will focus on the unique materials owners have chosen to outfit the interior of their yacht. 

Fossil Grey stone is used on the countertops in these two Sanlorenzo SL106 yachts. The Fossil Grey stone and Aniegre’ Ice Frise’ wood floors contrast the light cabinets, and then the light fabrics and textiles in the salon.

sanlorenzosanlorenzoBotticino marble floors and bleached Oak cabinet fronts opposite the countertop bring out the muted colors found in the Fossil Grey stone






Canalet Walnut wood flooring contrasts with bleached Oak bulkheads in the master stateroom of an SL106.


sanlorenzo(bleached Oak detail)








Canalet Walnut in Move Ragtime relief gives an interesting textured look the cabinet fronts in the salon of an SL94.  A Bihara stone bar and bleached Oak wood floors complement with additional texture and complete a color palette inspired by nature.







The sinks and shower wall in this SL104 are two different types of Silk Georgette marble.



The texture of this unfinished Coffee Brown stone shower wall lend to an easy, elegant feel.