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Posted Date: May 03, 2012     By: Sanlorenzo Yachts


The first comprehensive management program dedicated to pre-owned boats

RINA Survey
Hundreds of controls
Two showrooms in La Spezia area

The situation of the second hand boat market is well known: a tremendously huge fleet, of very different kind of boats, from megayachts to small sailing boats, spread around in a wide territory according to the home port, they lie there fairly abandoned and don’t seem to be interesting, for a flabby demand, not enough attracted, by too many offers, most are in bad condition and often not properly used.

Among the managers of this countless fleet – private owners, leasing companies overloaded by distressed boats and shipyards’ trade-ins collected during the good times – the shipyards should have more possibilities to deal the value, organise and propose them for a new life.

The automotive sector, that is always at the forefront of looking for dynamic solutions, is leading by example: investing lots of energy, either economical, logistical and promotional to trade growing stocks in number, but decreasing in value. Creativity and initiative in managing programs and headlines are extremely bright: from “Select” by Citroën to “Premium Selection” by BMW, from “First Hand” by Mercedes-Benz, to “Approved Used Audi”, by Audi.

How does it work in the boating business? Until now: dead calm. In a motionless state of Sanlorenzo, witness a dynamic and innovative DNA that is not downgradable by the economic crunch, is launching the first organic managing program for the used boat fleet.

Pointed up by the head line “Brokerage, pre-owned, pre-loved, second hand, used…? Experienced Yachts.

And the rest is only words”

The program contains a strong economical and organizational effort and an innovative vision to be considered gigantic in the boating business and comparable only with the automotive sector.

The total refitting program that Sanlorenzo trimmed for the management of its trade-in boats, starts with the RINA quality certification of the process. The Register’s engineers evaluated the process according to RMQA: Refitting, and Maintenance Quality Assurance.

On each and every boat, the shipyard will carry out a severe program of controls, works and tests on over 450 points complying with the RMQA rules, guaranteeing the registration and the traceability of all the steps of the process and releasing a test certification and the related check lists filled and authenticated by the Experienced Yachts staff.

At this stage, the hull and propellers with their shafts are checked ashore, the engine data are registered during sea trials, oil samples are analysed, and all systems checked. It is then decided which kind of intervention is necessary to refurbish the possibly damaged parts. After that, a final test of any single component of machinery, equipment and systems is carried out before delivering the boat.

Regardless of the specific conditions of any boat, the following operations are performed on each Experienced Yacht:

Engine check
Generator check
Sanitation of grey and black water tanks
Sanitation of bilge
Replacement of fancoil filters
Replacement of anods
Application of antifouling

All these operations are part of the CYRPTM, Certified Yacht Reconditioning Programme, certified by the shipyard.

After having examined, repaired or changed tired parts, this intense program follows in the service and guarantee sections. All the Experienced Yachts can benefit from a free check at Sanlorenzo’s Ameglia shipyard, within one year from the purchase date, or at an authorized and agreed yard, dedicated to cleaning of the hull, changing of the anodes, painting of the antifouling, cleaning of filters and bilges, washing of hull and superstructure, systems throughout control.

It’s important to underline that all these operations, from taking the boat in question to delivery, all processes are performed by the Experienced Yachts staff, made up by specialists coming from the different departments of Sanlorenzo, from composite to bodywork, from woodwork to systems, right up to captains for the sea trials. To better control and even better propose the Experienced Yachts to new owners, Sanlorenzo gathered all its EY fleet in only two points: its marina beside the Ameglia shipyard which is also the headquarter of the company, and Porto Mirabello in La Spezia.

The new marina in Ameglia was opened in July 2011 and represents an important requalification of the right edge of river Magra. It is a work executed under the Plan of Boating Development of Montemarcello-Magra Natural Park. It is a river marina offering to Sanlorenzo shipyard berths up to 30 metres and a dock for the travel lift. This work is giving the land the shape and look worthy of an international shipyard and allows Sanlorenzo to operate in a qualified and efficient setting.

The Porto Mirabello “show room” is displaying the Experienced Yachts in a typical Mediterranean modern marina, offering all the related services.

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