Environmental Protection Award for Sanlorenzo

Posted Date: June 25, 2012     By: Boat International

Sanlorenzo SL94 yacht – good looking and green

Adjudicated by the Boat International Media jury with expert advice from RINA, this award is presented to a yacht whose owners and designers have invested in equipment, design solutions and operational procedures that provide environmental performance above and beyond that made mandatory by international laws.

Sanlorenzo Yachts is awarded this Neptune because of its Technical Department’s work developing environmentally aware systems for the SL94 motor yacht that exceed the requirements of RINA’s Green Classification.

The jury were impressed by the use of electronic probes to monitor and prevent oil spillage, and electric actuators to prevent hydraulic oil leakage from the steering systems. Sewage treatment on board is carried out by an IMO-approved Hamann Super-Mini plant, while fuel usage and tank levels for the MTU 16V2000M84 main engines and the pair of ONAN 40kw gensets are continually monitored from the wheelhouse.

Three other key points that the judges noted are that the air-conditioning plant is optimised with an 180,000BTU chiller; that low consumption lamps are used throughout; and that the chosen anti-fouling paint is the Intersleek 970, classified as TBT-free by Lloyd’s Register. With regard to the wider construction of the yacht, the fibreglass hull is moulded using low-emission vacuum infusion techniques.